Aluminum 80mm Water Cooling cooled Row Heat Exchanger Radiator
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Aluminum 80mm Water Cooling cooled Row Heat Exchanger Radiator

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Heat exchangers are made of pure aluminum, U-shaped heatsink with 4.5mm wave height and S-type heat sinks arranged in high density. This design effectively increases the heat dissipation area and improves the heat exchange efficiency. Heat exchangers have 80cm 90cm 120mm, 240mm, 360mm three specifications, the user according to their own machine heat to choose their own heat exchange row.
Siding with spray treatment, smooth and texture, look luxurious, generous, black design is to give people a mature and stable feeling. A welding forming technology, a single row of heat, 10 and 18 circular waterways, the water room interior design of the water separation device to prevent water stringing, your hardware security more secure.
Product Type: 80
Product Material: Aluminum
Actual size: length 105MM x width 80MM x height 25MM
Connector method: straight mouth
Surface treatment: Surface spray treatment
Product Technology: The use of advanced 4.5mmU-type heat sink, a single drain effectively increase the cooling area, a unique welding technology, greatly improving the thermal performance.
Application: PC cooling water cooling system or other kinds of industrial equipment and electronic chips cooling
Product packaging: 1X CPU cooling water row